Nick Holland's SEMIBUG Presentations

rsync-based incremental backups (see "Incremental Backup System", below) 8/25/2016

Qubes vs. OpenBSD 3/20/2018

OpenBSD Security Mitigations 10/16/2018

a brief history of OpenBSD 3/19/2019
Platforms over time slide

Nick's e-mail config 2/18/2018

Incremental Backup System (and File Alteration Reporting Tool) 12/20/2022
Incremental Backup System homepage
File Alteration Reporting Tool homepage

Shell Scripting Tips Originally presented 2/20/2018, updated and presented 1/17/2023
Also see my shell script tips page on my website.

OpenBSD CARP (may be useful on other *BSDs). 5/16/2023
ifstated.conf file for a DHCP + CARP configuration

I use a variety of presentation forms -- sometimes LibreOffice Impress and then post a PDF here, other times, I use deck.js, which is a fantastic HTML presentation tool. In that case, what is posted here is not only what I presented, but also probably where I presented it from. Tool is chosen in theory with some thought about how complicated the topic is and how much detail needs to go into the slides, but often just what I felt like fighting with at the time. I usually regret my choice.

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